Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Kristin Gibson's Story Behind the Painting

I love art, I always have.
I can spend hours in galleries and museums
looking in awe and wondering
what the artist was thinking and what inspired them.
I decided to start asking our artists at Spectrum
if they would share a few of their stories.
Here is what Kristin Gibson had to share...

Cezanne's Coutryside II
©Kristin Gibson

Cezanne's Birthday
©Kristin Gibson

For me, Cezanne has always been a favorite painter to study. Last summer I had the opportunity to see "Cezanne and American Modernism" at The Baltimore Museum of Art. A look at how Cezanne transformed American art alongside the work of 34 American artists who demonstrate the vital impact Cezanne had on modernism from 1907-1930 in the US.

That exhibition, in conjunction with an invite by Nancy Noel May at Spectrum to create small works inspired by locales outside the US, led up to painting a small study and then this 36x36 on linen. I have taken the perspective of painting a landscape Cezanne was immersed in, saw through his eyes, but in my style and color palette. As with my still life paintings, I focus on the play of shape and color with expressive thick brush work. I enjoy the white of the road and buildings that lead one through the composition.

As a further ode to Cezanne, on his birth date of January 19 this year I composed a still life with a nod to works I saw at the museum show. Take a look at the suggestion of landscape through the window. The blue band of color and green shapes of mountains is my "Cezanne's Countryside II" simplified! Thank you for your interest in my work. I hope you enjoy both of these paintings, and I invite you to see them in person at Spectrum.”

-Kristin Gibson