Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Spectrum Art & Jewelry presents: Mike Rooney – Loose & Colorful Plein Air Workshop

October 12-13, 2011, Spectrum Art & Jewelry sponsored our first ever painting workshop. It was an incredible experience for all who participated! After months of planning, advertising, back and forth emails…we were all set to start our learning experience with Mike Rooney.

A North Carolina painter, with a love of plein air style painting focusing on coastal images, Mike proved himself to be an exceptionally skilled teacher. I knew Mike could talk a good game, but I was so impressed with the ease, clarity and great sense of humor he used in sharing his immense knowledge of painting techniques.

The skill level in our workshop was varied and Mike addressed the majority of his lessons to the beginners. But don’t be fooled into thinking it would be boring for the more advanced. Everything Mike talked about was informative and for some of us, things we had never heard expressed in that particular way. Lots of “ AH HA” moments for everyone!

This workshop was considered a #101 class and Mike has expressed interest in teaching a #201 class next fall for us. I’m ready, how about you? (contact me at nancy@spectrumartandjewelry if you are interested)

Paint on,

Nancy Noel May

I would like to share a few reviews written by our workshop artists.

"First of all, thank you and Spectrum for putting the workshop together and starting off with such a wonderful artist and teacher. It was something I should have had years ago to start me off on the right path. You're right about the many valuable things we learned from values, single and dual vanishing points, scale, then taking it outside and putting it all together to come up with a painting. It was very hard for me, as such a beginner, but it was exactly what I needed. Everything fell in to place and now I have to practice, practice, practice." (MW)

"As a novice, I would give the experience an excellent review... it was a great presentation by Mike and the location and all were outstanding. I hope that Spectrum will try other workshops...I got a lot out of the class, hope to get to paint more and not embarrass myself. Thank U" (MD)

"Mike Rooney is a dynamic instructor, dedicated to imparting his knowledge and skill. He generously shared his love of painting with clarity, patience and a sense of humor. Mike was very effective at teaching a variety of skill levels in the class. What a wonderful way to begin my first painting class! I left the workshop with new painting skills and a new way to see color, light and shadow!" (KG)

"I would like a DVD to follow up the information taught!!! It was the single best workshop I have taken in 30 years and gave me the tools I need to become a better painter. These are the rules of art and color and creation! Thank you for your insight and your gift to teach! And thank you Nancy for seeing the need and bringing Mike to the table!" (RB)

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