Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Mike Rooney Blogpost by Encore Magazine

Mike Rooney, "Seaside Dwelling"

Check out this is a wonderful blog that Encore did about the Mike Rooney workshop:


Although the workshop is over it has great information about Mike and Plein Air painting. Also keep in mind we will have more workshops with Mike Rooney in the future!

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Sweet Tooth

Cherry Cheesecake

Gallery artist and associate, Jane Faudree, has been cooking up some delectable new work. For those of you who haven't seen her new series of tasty treats get ready, they will tempt your taste buds. Luckily you can enjoy their deliciousness without the calories!

Chocolate Delirium

When I asked Jane what inspired her to paint this new series I was intrigued by her response.

Jane said, "When I was small my mother used to bake a cake almost every week, especially on Saturdays. Not only would she baked sumptuous cakes, but she would decorate them beautifully. My sister and I were always sure to have a masterpiece for our birthdays. My sister, Jewelle, was born on the fourth of July and mother went wild with red, white and blue decorations. She was amazing with all types of desserts. So in honor of my special mother, I have started a series of dessert paintings including decorated cakes. The first cake painting is in honor of us girls over 39, aptly titled "Thirty nine and Holding"."

Thirty-nine and Holding

These sweet paintings are all 6x6 inches; perfect for a grouping on a kitchen back-splash!

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