Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Ruby Red: July Birthstone

The gem of passion and smoldering desire, Ruby is believed to burn with inextinguishable internal fire.  This fiery gem is believed to attract and maintain love, making it a popular choice for brides who desire to express their unique personality. Courage and power are also associated with Ruby.  Ruby is recognized as a talisman to ensure harmony, guard against sorrow, inspire confidence and bring success.  It was believed that wearing a red ruby brought good fortune to it's owner, although the owners must have already had good fortune to own such a rare and precious gem! Ruby is traditionally the July birthstone and the 15th and 40th anniversary gifts.

Throughout most of recorded history Ruby's have been one of the most valuable gems.  They are the second hardest gem, after Diamonds, making them great for all types of jewelry.  This jewel gets it's name from the Latin word ruber meaning red.  Part of the corundum family, Ruby is the sister of Sapphire and only comes in one color, red.  The shades of red vary from purplish and bluish red to orange red in medium and dark tones.  Color is a key element when considering value, the pure red void of brown or blue overtones claiming the highest prices.  Ruby's in sizes over 2 carats are difficult to come by.  They are routinely enhanced by traditional heating methods to produce, intensify, or lighten color and/or improve clarity. 

There are several Ruby designs in our current Barbara Heinrich trunk show.  They will only be here during the month of July so make sure you come by to see her stunning designs!

Another stunning example of Ruby jewelry is Susan Drakes raw ruby necklace with an ancient Roman arrowhead.