Friday, May 23, 2008

Important Summer Jewelry Care!!

This summer, before heading to the pool, beach, or anywhere on vacation, please BE AWARE!

Salt water from the ocean and chlorine cause a chemical reaction between gold alloy jewelry and chlorine/salt water which breaks down metal resulting in broken prongs and ring shanks.

Chlorine reacts specifically with the copper and nickel portions of gold jewelry alloys. Copper and silver are the primary alloys for yellow gold and nickel is the primary alloy for white gold. Chlorine dissolves the copper, or in the case of a white gold mounting for a diamond the nickel, and causes a perfectly good and often new piece of jewelry to break.

How to CARE for your Fine Jewelry:

1. Leave your jewelry at home. The metal will be ruined and the stone shanks breakable.
2. Pick out a fun costume piece of jewelry, CZ, or other gemstone to take on your vacation that is much less expensive.
3. Leave all heirloom pieces in a safety deposit box or safe.


Robert said...

Thanks for the care tips... got a beautiful pearl beaded ring from SHOP.COM & have decided never to wear it in pool.

Cynthia said...

Good info. Recently left jewelry home when going to the beach because I didn't want to chance losing it in the waves, didn't think about damage. Also, had family member's jewelry stolen in a good hotel and there was no recourse. Costume jewelry for the next vacation and no jewelry for the beach and pool! Sounds like less to worry about. Cynthia