Thursday, November 17, 2011

My Wish List

Just in case any of you were thinking about
getting me something sparkly for Christmas
here's what's on my Wish List...

I'm kidding, but this is a peek at some of
my favorite jewelry in the gallery right now!

Briolette Black Diamonds and 18ky Gold
Earrings and Necklace
by Barbara Heinrich
What I LOVE: Very sexy, and they go with EVERYTHING!
Especially that little black dress

Free-form cut Aquamarines set in silver and gold
Ring, Pendant and Earrings
by Symmetry
What I LOVE: These exotic gemstones seem to glow,
they make me think of crisp blue water...
I'm drooling over these as I type this and
thinking about booking a trip to somewhere with very clear blue water

Platinaire Ring with Diamonds
(Also in yellow gold and/or in a wider band)
by Conni Mainne
What I LOVE: The organic quality of the leaf motif
mixed with the round diamonds is beautiful
(Platinaire is a Sterling and Platinum mix,
the result is a metal that is harder than sterling silver
without the price tag of platinum)

White Gold Earrings with Blue Diamonds
surrounded by White Diamonds
By Spectrum
What I LOVE: They are so sparkly!
Perfect for dressing up or everyday wear

Silver and Gold Ribbon Ring with Aqua and Tourmaline
by Susan Barlow
What I LOVE: A truly unique ring that is
bold but feminine and really makes a statement

Dendritic Quartz Ring with
Gold Bezel and Silver Shank
By Spectrum
What I LOVE: The Dendritic Quartz is such an amazing and unique stone, it's definitely a conversation starter, also I love the texture of the hammered silver shank
(Dendritic refers the branching crystaline structure inside of the Quartz)


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