Friday, December 21, 2007

"Push Presents" for New Mothers

This month, the Wilmington Star News published an article about mothers receiving gifts after giving birth to their newborns. Many received gifts, while others wanted them. “Women can and do expect a thoughtful token of appreciation,” said Sandra Miller of Arlington, Mass. “It’s a way to honor a mother giving her emotions, body and hormones over to a baby for nine months, culminating in an experience which, when done naturally, redefines the meaning of pain. And when not done naturally, it’s still an act of sacrifice.”
Push presents seem to have taken off within the last decade, particularly in the last couple of years. In 2005 the Southeast-based jewelry chain Mayors marketed diamond earrings with the tag line, “She delivered your first born; now give her twins.” Fortunoff, the jewelry and gift chain with a Fifth Avenue flagship, established a push present registry six months ago. Jewelry seemed to be the most popular gift.
MICHELLE ALLEN of Los Angeles originally heard about push presents from a friend who had received one. When she became pregnant, she began dropping hints. “I knew what I wanted, which is very awful,” she admitted. “But my husband is a very romantic guy.” True to his romantic nature, Eric Allen obliged his wife with a gemstone-studded ring for each of their two children — Lara, born in July 2004, and Dashiell, in October 2006. “I wear those rings every day,” Ms. Allen said. “They symbolize my kids. There’s something about them that’s even more weighty than my wedding band.”
Most women like jewelry. To mark such a special event with a custom made piece of work designed by the husband and a jeweler is very intimate and personal. With a master goldsmith on staff, we offer custom jewelry designs at Spectrum. Feel free to stop in to meet with Michael Chapman, our new resident master goldsmith to design a piece of jewelry marking the significant event.

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