Thursday, February 14, 2008

Photos from Tucson Gem Show Trip

Nancy & Designer, Barbara Westwood. We are her exclusive North Carolina representatives. Scroll down to see some of her jewelry.

Loose Gems at the Gem & Jewelry Exchange. This is one booth out of hundreds. We purchased some gorgeous faceted quartz drops for earrings and pendants. The quartz had tourmaline crystals inside and some had golden rutiles. Very pretty!

This guy is using a laser to fix the clasp on my necklace. There were all kinds of facinating tools in this booth. The amazing thing about the laser was that it welded my clasp, but if he shot his finger, it did no damage!

Selection of Barbara Westwood's fabulous jewelry. This collection will be in the gallery by mid-March. You must come and see. These gems are cut by some of the finest gem artists in the world. The materials are quite exotic and everything is accented with diamonds.

This Indian woman made such a pretty photo, I couldn't resist. Unfortunately you can't see the lucious jewels in her display. Such bright colors, they looked like candy!

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