Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Costume Jewelry VS. Fine Jewelry

By Nicole Wilkinson

There was a question posted in a fashion blog that I responded to and thought I would share.

I have no idea about jewelry..what should I buy??

Jewelry is something you should invest in. I can tell you, that after being in a sorority, living in Manhattan and following regular trends, I find myself every 2 years going through my jewelry drawer saying, what was I thinking??? I just gave about 30 pieces away to my 4 year old niece for dress up. As you get in your late 20's you realize all of this costume stuff really is junk. It breaks, tarnishes, goes out of style...what a waste of money! Imagine if you had bought 1 or 2 classic pieces. They never go out of style. My adivce is buy what you can afford, but save for it. Jewelry is meant to be a splurge. What fun is it to throw down 10k for a diamond incrusted necklace? Sure it would be nice, but jewelry is meant to be special. This year, treat yourself for your birthday to a nice piece. Save $20 a month, or whatever your budget will allow. Then you will really feel like a princess when you get your piece of jewelry. You will feel like you worked hard for it and you DESERVE it! Good luck and enjoy!

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