Tuesday, April 29, 2008

May Birthstone: Emerald

By Nicole Wilkinson

May's birthstone is the emerald. Emerald is the green version of the mineral Beryl. It was considered to be the talisman of the goddess Venus, and to represent faith, goodness and kindness.

Emeralds vary in color from light to deep green. It is commonly thought that an emerald's green colour derives from the presence of chromium and or vanadium replacing some of the aluminum in the mineral's structure. The stone can, however, lose its color when heated strongly. There are natural emeralds and lab created emeralds. One of the most popular and widely known lab created emerald is by the Chatham company.

A fine quality emerald of good color and clarity is more valuable than a diamond. In 1938, Carroll F. Chatham created the first laboratory grown gem quality emerald. A gemstone bearing all the same physical, chemical and optical qualities of mined gems at a fraction of the cost. The cut, polished Chatham Created Emerald so clearly duplicates nature's that special tests are necessary for positive identification. Many of today's emeralds are strip mined and have been artificially color enhanced, Chatham Created Emeralds are 100% natural color, never treated or oiled.

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**excerpts from Chatham Created Gems & Diamonds

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