Friday, September 26, 2008

Meet Designer, Star Sosa

I never expected to make my career in art and jewelry. I was always artistic but have no formal training. That probably affected my creative approach because I started out free from preconceptions about what could be done. I’ve been designing fashion and fine jewelry since 1987 which I sold through craft shows and galleries across the country.

In that time I’ve gained the technical knowledge to ensure that my designs are feasible to create and delightful to wear. I’m a firm believer in combining the aesthetic with the practical. Jewelry, as wearable art, should be well crafted, comfortable and durable as well as beautiful and stylish. The biggest lesson I’ve learned in my career is to partner with talented craftspeople. My talent lies in conceiving ideas, drawing and communicating with people. I could always find highly skilled technicians to bring my drawings to life.

For the past ten years I worked with a jeweler based out of Rocky Mount. However, it was clear that I needed more time than he could give me. Therefore, I made plans to bring a jeweler right into the gallery. The new gallery included an on-site workshop. Shortly after opening in the new location, Michael Chapman walked in the door. A gold and platinum smith with over 40 years experience, he was looking for an outlet for his jewelry creations. I offered him a job and have never regretted my decision. Now I can offer complete jewelry services pairing my design skills with Michael’s experience and technical know-how.

Most of all, it’s working with people that makes custom jewelry design so rewarding. The look on someone’s face when they see the seemingly miraculous transformation of a sketch and raw materials into the final result is priceless. People mark important events in their lives with jewelry and I treasure being a part of that.

"My custom design experience with Spectrum Gallery was unbelievable. They make you feel so comfortable, take your ideas and put it on paper right before your eyes. Star and Michael are not happy until you are happy. It’s all worth the wait. I have already referred my friends to Spectrum. I love you Spectrum Gallery, Star, Michael, and all the girls involved with my project. Thank you, Thank you." Susan Shugart

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