Friday, October 24, 2008

What's In Your Jewelry Box?

Do you have hidden treasures in your home?

So many options exist when considering what to do with your old jewelry. If you are like me, you have those odd pieces sitting around, the half pair of earrings, the jewelry from old relationships, a chain with a knot in it you've never been able to wear, things you've inherited or gifts you were given that just aren't your style. It seems such a waste to let it pile up, but some things just have too much emotion involved to just get rid of them.

If you aren't sentimental, you can take it somewhere and sell it for scrap. We can certainly take care of that for you too. Our prices are very competitive. But another option is having it restyled into something new that fits you and your personality.

With some things we can actually melt them down to make the new design. There are certain exceptions like when your old jewelry is yellow gold and you'd prefer white gold or platinum. Also jewelry of mixed karat (10k, 14k & 18k) or items like chains or cocktail rings that have lots of assembled parts. These won't result in a satisfactory end result, so it's best to calculate the scrap value and apply it toward the finished piece. Mainly you need to just collect everything you might want to recycle and let us evaluate it.

When looking over your collection, decide which gemstones or diamonds are important to you to incorporate into the new design. It's always possible to add something new, but it's nice to know what you already have that might work.

Start looking at the fashion magazines and cut out pictures of your favorite designs. This is not so we can copy them, but rather to assist us in determining your favorite styles and design elements. Because the new jewelry is made from scratch, it is possible to utilize various elements of several different designs to create something totally fresh and new.

So what are you waiting for, call today and ask to set up a Jewelry Box Review appointment with Star. With over twenty years experience working with jewelry design customers, she's an old hand at creating the perfect style for you. Then our master goldsmith, Michael Chapman, takes over, putting his 40+ years of experience to work in crafting something exceptional.

It's fun and you end up with something very special. It's so great to wear something that has been personally tailored to your needs and desires. Don't worry about the process, we will explain every step of the way and you'll gain a jewelry education you never expected. You'll enjoy sharing the story with your friends when they ask where you got it!

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