Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Message from Wendy Rosen - Publisher of American Style Magazine

Wendy Rosen published two magazines, American Style and NICHE. She is also the producer and promoter of the Buyers Market of American Craft which is where we made contact with many of our wonderful craft artists. I received this email from Wendy and wanted to pass it along to those individuals in the arts and crafts industry as well as any other small business owners. Here are her comments following yesterday's historic election and regarding the challenges that face us all:

"For many of us, today we feel that our nation has exhaled a breath, one we’ve been holding for years. Today, it is time to move forward. Regardless of whom you supported, yesterday’s election was a testament to all of us and the world of the importance of the collective impact of individual actions.

Going forward, we feel assured that Main Street’s needs will be at the top of the list of “special interests” for our next president. Now is the time to share and promote our stake in the revitalization of our nation, our economy and the world at large. We encourage you to join us by taking action toward sustaining and supporting the economic importance of craft industry. Many of you – artists and retailers – have struggled over the past weeks, months and in some cases, years. Each of us owes it to each other to work together toward making our community a strong partner in creating a new small business-dominated economy. But before the turnaround occurs we need to be sure that we keep our own promises to each other, sharing resources, keeping informed and increasing both business and artistic skills so that when the time comes we are prepared to take our place as the small flame that ignites the resurgence of a stronger economy.

You can begin by sharing with friends and neighbors the incredible difference that can be made to our economy with each dollar they spend locally on products made by hand in the U.S. and Canada.

If the thousands of members of the craft family took one simple action a day – even one a week – imagine what we could accomplish in raising our community’s profile, and our individual prosperity. In the coming weeks, we will be offering easy, step-by-step small tasks that will help to create social action, craft and good cause consumerism. Visit us on Facebook, our blog, and on Twitter to hear our thoughts on spreading the word about our community. And we hope that in exchange, you’ll share your suggestions with us and others as well.

We can no longer retreat into the isolation of our studios and galleries or stores. Building relationships inside and outside our community benefits us all. Today is a new day – we hope you will join us on the journey."

Warm Regards,
Wendy Rosen & the Staff of the Buyers Market of American Craft

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