Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Commisson Paintings

A customer came into the gallery recently looking for paintings to go in her beach house at Topsail.
She saw a painting I had done called "Walking the Dog".

She asked if I would do a similar painting from a photo she had of her husband walking their two dogs (Willie & Dickens) at Topsail. We decided on a size and she emailed me the photo to use as reference material.

Below is the finished painting!

Commissions can be a nice way to memorialize an event or a special time and place. Most of the painters at Spectrum Art & Jewelry are happy to discuss commissions. Just ask us how to get started.

You may be wondering what the customers response was to the painting?
Well here it is...
"I gave my husband the painting you did of him walking WIllie and Dickens and I just had to share with you the reaction he had when he saw. He was quiet for a moment, then he teared up and then said "this is the best gift anyone has ever given me." Those were his actual words! Don't you just love it when your art moves someone?"

Paint on,
Nancy Noel May!

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