Monday, December 1, 2008

So Many Ways to Follow Us

There are so many ways to keep up with us at the Gallery now. Follow us at our blog, on twitter, facebook or the website.If you aren't up to date on the new social media, here a some short definitions. A blog is a form of web journal. It allows us to post articles and information about a variety of things along with photos and links. Readers can comment and provide feedback. I use our blog to discuss events, provide tips about art and jewelry, report on my travels, write artist interviews and more. We try to post to the blog at least a couple of times per week. You can follow or subscribe to the blog and will be alerted anytime something new is added.Twitter is a sort of mini-blog. In 141 characters or less, people can keep up with one another on a regular basis. You opt who you want to follow and surprising things can happen. Twitter is how I first learned of the snow flurries last week and other interesting tidbits. I try to post something to Twitter a few times a day. There is a lot of opportunity for interaction on Twitter, which makes it nice (and addictive).To find out the latest on a more regular basis - check out any of the following links:

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