Sunday, July 26, 2009

Creating an Heirloom through Art

Art reminds us of a special time in our lives. We remember being on vacation, walking into a gallery and being awe-struck, or that pivotal moment in our life that the piece of art represents. When we see something we love, we buy it, and bring it into our homes that will become part of our lives forever.

These pieces of art become members of the family, staking claim on a wall, shelf, or nook. When we pass them along in the family, they not only provide a sense of beauty to the receiver, but also remind them of the memory in their hearts of you.

I always remember as a child going to visit my great grandmother. Above her chair in the living room was a print of a floral still life. Though it was not worth very much, I will always remember it, and now have it. It has inspired me to start an entire collection of floral still life paintings to go above my bed. Little did she know that the specific memory of her would inspire an entire art collection. She created an heirloom through her art that I will one day pass down as well. What a priceless gift.

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