Friday, July 24, 2009

How to Select Art

Recently a customer came into the gallery looking for a painting with a specific theme, size, color scheme, and frame. Unfortunately, we did not have anything that fit the description, however, we offered several different options.

When looking for art, think about what you like, not what matches. If you love it, you will find the right place for it. Also think about doing a collection of works, not just 1 piece. Several pieces in a group also work just as well as a single piece alone. Stick with different artists that complement each others work, not compete. Usually color is what unifies them, or theme, not all done by the same artist.

Remember, if you love it, it doesn't matter what it matches, you will find the perfect place for it and will create a life filled with memories and moments when and where you found that perfect painting or piece!

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