Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Patricia Daunis Jewelry ~ The Port City Connection

During a recent jewelry show at the gallery I had the opportunity to speak with visiting designer, Patricia Daunis. Our conversation brought back many wonderful memories of another port city that I used to call home: Portland, Maine. In fact, it was the similarities between Wilmington and Portland that captured my heart and led me to move here.
The two cities, both major ports on the East coast, are rich in history and exquisitely beautiful. The Maine Coast, differs from ours in that it abounds with rocks, moss and evergreens coming right down to the shore line.

What struck me most about Patricia's jewelry designs was the way she captures the same essence that exists between my two favorite parts of the country. The warmth of the golden sand, the play of waves, the history, tradition and creativity of the people and the stones that can be added to all of her pieces.

Patty has named many of her designs after favorites places in Maine. These names evoke beloved memories for myself and I expect, many of Patricia's collectors. Memories of Camden, Bar Harbor, Sebago Birch Island, Friendship and many more. The movement of the waves and the play of light on the water are easily imagined in each earring, ring and pendant. In some creations she even incorporates natural beach rocks, set with gems and gold to turn them into one of a kind works of art.

Come by the gallery and see if you don't agree with me. You won't find any lobster here but I'm sure you will enjoy this "taste of Maine".

Kathleen Gray

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