Thursday, December 16, 2010


When you meet Kristin Gibson you might be attracted to her on many levels. One of which is her bright and happy disposition. The more you come to know this artist the more aware you are of her abilities and the success that has come from her dedication and hard work.

Kristin is a mother and wife who is quite involved with her children, community and life as a gifted artist. She paints almost every day as soon as the children leave for school during the school year. I am told that she purchases fresh fruit and vegetables, uses them as subjects for her paintings and later as sustenance for the family. As if it were not enough to paint daily as a professional painter and run a busy household, Kristin is constantly involved in the community. She is often involved in charity events and works diligently with her galleries, often doing demonstrations and promoting them in any way she can.

This talented artist is extremely versatile in her artistic expressions. Her silk scarves are both unique and luscious with color and pattern. But, she does not stop there. Kristin creates many other things with her hand-painted silk such as eyeglass holders and gorgeous pillows. Her paintings are unmistakable and loaded with pattern, color and energy. Presently we have an exhibit, our Tapas show, of small paintings no more than 9x12 and comfortably priced at $350. or less. The artists were asked to paint scenes outside of the U.S.A. Kristin painted four as contribution to our show and only one remains unsold. If you want to have a small and unusual piece of hers, stop by the gallery soon. Kristin has a very loyal following and her work is collected privately and corporately, so it doesn't stay in the gallery long.

We are delighted to have Kristin as a part of the Spectrum family!


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