Monday, October 24, 2011

55 Chevy

"55 Chevy", Acrylic on Canvas, $595

"When Star asked me to demo in September, I sorted through some recent photos and planned to paint a landscape or still life. I had just returned from a family reunion in Pennsylvania and had snapped a picture of my cousin Ray's 56 Chevy as I was leaving town. He's had it over 35 years and keeps it in perfect, original condition. When we hear it rumbling up the road, we know that Ray has arrived."

"Susan Drake talked me into painting it for the demo because it would be fun and it really was! I saw purples and lavender in the shiny blue hood and even magenta reflections in the gleaming chrome bumpers and wheels. Sometimes, the creativity just flows and the painting just 'paints itself'. This was one of those times. It's that spontaneity that gives a loose and fresh feeling. I'm looking forward to painting other classic cars!"

-Ann Hair

If you or someone you know has a classic car Ann will do a commissioned painting of your car!

Contact Spectrum Art & Jewelry for more information.

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