Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ties that bind us

The newest addition of our family of jewelry artists is Randi Chervitz from St. Louis. Her collection, entitled "Uncommon Threads" is crocheted from fine silver wire over sterling silver armatures. Her jewelry is an expression of the common threads that tie people together, like the desire to adorn ourselves and to connect with our artistic traditions.

She first picked up her grandmother's crochet hook while studying metal-smithing in college. Her grandmother had taught her to knit as a child and she always loved the individual stitches that make up fabric. Immediately, crocheting silver and gold jewelry became her signature style.
We have a lovely collection of earrings and pendants created by Randi. They make a unique, contemporary statement with sparkle and style. Her forms are elemental and dramatic and yet airy and delicate at the same time.


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